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Who is Jesus


Who is Jesus?

This question has been at the center of the Church and society for the past two Millennia. This is because Jesus is not an abstract concept, social theory, or a list of propositional truths. Instead, Jesus is a real and living person who wants a relationship with us. Like any relationship, growth and intimacy happen through experience and not merely by knowing things about someone, but by actually knowing them. Yet, the Bible gives us a picture of who Jesus is in action, and it is through the Bible that we can begin to know a little bit more about Jesus.

Jesus as Creator become Creation

“In the beginning” there was the triune God who created all things 1. Yahweh as he is called, created a perfect world and made man and woman 2. After his creation fell into sin and death, Yahweh crafted for himself a people designed to undo the corruption begotten from sin 3. However, his people failed this mission, and only made things worse. The beginning of John’s gospel explains how Yahweh remedied this situation: the Creator became his own creation 4. Jesus, the Son of God and second person of the Trinity, of one substance and equal with the Father, took on all of the qualities and properties of humanity, except that he was without sin 5. In essence, Jesus is both 100% God and 100% Man 6. These two natures exist in the person of Jesus Christ. He reveals to us the perfect picture of who God is because Jesus is truly God; in Him, we get the perfect picture of who Mankind should be because Jesus is truly Man 7. Although there are glimpses and shadows of Yahweh dwelling with his people, it is in Jesus that God is truly with us 8.

Jesus as the Crucified King

“At the right time,” when the world was far past saving, Jesus died for the ungodly 9. Jesus was tortured, beaten, mocked, and finally crucified on account of the sins of the world 10. He suffered on the cross, and in doing so, revealed the very nature of his kingship. He was not a King in spite of all of these sufferings, but his kingship and kingdom is exemplified by his crucifixion. In his death, we see that God is a God who suffers for his people 11. Jesus took on the sin of the world and suffered and died at the hand of evil, in order to save us 12.

Jesus as the Triumphant Reconciler

“Death is swallowed up” in the death of Jesus 13. In His death and resurrection, Jesus triumphs over evil and death itself. On the cross, Jesus deals the deathblow to evil, and through the resurrection and ascension, Jesus is honored and glorified above all rulers and authorities 14. By triumphing over the evil powers, Jesus has rescued and reconciled us to the Father 15. Although we have sinned greatly and Satan accuses us of these things, Jesus himself is our advocate before the Father 16. Although sin has separated us from God, Jesus became man and has become our mediator 17.  Jesus has opened up access to a relationship with God that is open to all who believes 18.

Jesus as the Returning Restorer

“With eager longing” the whole of creation waits for Christ’s return 19. Although death has been defeated and evil is on the retreat, the war is not yet over. This world still experiences brokenness, sin, and death. Yet, Jesus is present in and through his Church as we advance the kingdom of God in the mission to restore all things 20. There is coming a day in which Jesus will return to judge the living and the dead 21. He will come and fix what is broken, redeeming what has been lost, and making all things new. Just as he has mended our relationship with God, Jesus will restore this earth back to what it was supposed to be. Here, those who believe in Jesus will dwell with God forever in perfect relationship 22. It is only through Jesus that we have this hope and can be confident in this truth 23.

Jesus tells us that he didn’t come to condemn the world, but to save it, to redeem us. He is creator of the cosmos, yet he choose to enter into our world, into our lives. He shows us what it means to truly live and to truly love as he suffers for sin and dies on our behalf. Through his resurrection, Jesus reconciles us to the Father and takes his rightful place as king. However, Jesus isn’t some far off deity who simply keeps the world spinning, nor a concept you can say is probably true. Jesus is a real person who has done everything in order to have a relationship with you. Entering into our world, suffering, dying, and rising from the dead was done to secure your salvation and ultimately your friendship. Jesus restores our broken relationships, our broken hearts, and redeems us from all of the havoc that sin has wreaked in order that we might live life as God intended – with him and Him with us.

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