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Love Fullerton

Love Fullerton

“Love Fullerton” is part of a multi-city initiative to make a visible impact in the community. Come spend the morning at Commonwealth Elementary School...  
Coffee & Theology

Coffee & Theology

23 Come and gather with us todiscuss the deeper matters of our faith. So often we settle for prepackaged answers to life’s hard questions. There are secondhand theological...  

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Death Is Common, But Not Forever

  QUEEN “Thou know’st tis common, all that lives must die, Passing through nature to eternity” HAMLET Ay, madam, it is common. Hamlet, Act I, Scene II   As Hamlet…


Now Is A Good Time To Be Clear and Speak

In speaking to a Senate judicial committee, Dr. Hymie Gordon, Professor of Medical Genetics and physician at the Mayo Clinic, answered the question of “when does life begin” this way:…